As shown in the picture, artificial flower wall is great for privacy, obstructing unsightly views and sounds, beautifying the appearance of gardens, enhancing landscaping, outdoor and indoor decoration.


artificial flower walls


Featuring a realistic UV protected lifelike flowers and leaves of fine quality, they look great and require little maintenance. The artificial green wall replaces the rod iron fence making a beautiful, private, protective enclosure.


Custom privacy artificial hedge make good neighbors. Everyone deserves his or her own space and privacy, and this privacy must be respected by the neighbors. Aartificial hedge privacy fence are strong boundaries so that others do not cross the borders.

For more information about size or specific shape of our product, please feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of hedges to meet different needs of different clients. Additionally, customization will be provided if you really desire some kind of leaves or flowers for your design. Worry less and expect more.

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