What is the most important thing to consider when designing a service counter or reception counter, a window shop, or interior landscapes in the shopping mall or hotel, or other business place?

Of course, it is customer! How to attract them, how to give them impressive and nice experience, how to make them come back. When we design reception desk as well as service counter, those jobs are all necessary to consider.

As we all know, service counter is always a necessary and very important role in the hotels, bars, restaurants, retail environments, and working place. A nicely and appropriately designed service counter equiped with good personnel always add extra value to business in clients maintenance and follow-up, because people prefer those places which are better suited for their particular mood or requirements. To this point, when design service counter, artificial plants wall can be the very factor used to improve counter visual effect or landscape the surroundings to improve customer experiences.

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SUNWING Artificial plants wall for service counter design

With artificial plants wall in the landscape design of reception desk or service counter, the whole atmosphere is suddenly lifted up and full of nature beauty what gives visitors very nice feelings. The plants wall can be designed with special purpose freely, no limitation in plants or style, for example, artificial plants wall can be used to show a big word”welcome”, artificial plants wall can also show a big smile upon it. To make things better, artificial plants wall is very easy to install and need few upkeep, the aesthetic nature like beauty will grow there through the year without withering or fallen leaves.

If you are a gardener, designer or architect, SUNWING artificial plants wall are ready for you.

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