A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. And beauty always brings guests back in near future. For resort hotel gardening and landscape design, artificial vertical garden can enhance your property with sustainable, strategic and inviting landscaping in the outdoor or interior areas, even pools, paths, patios and balcony can be impressively landscaped by artificial vertical green to draw guests and inspire return visits.

artificial vertical garden wall for hotel interior landscape, gardening

Artificial vertical garden wall for hotel interior landscape, gardening

Besides nature like beauty, artificial vertical green is easy to install and maintain comparing with living walls, it needs no watering, no periodic prunning or fertilizing, artificial vertical garden will be in nearly the same nice condition since it is installed, no fallen leaves, no withering, natural accents will be there for a long time.

SUNWING provides a comprehensive range of artificial plants items like artificial hedges, vertical garden, topiary, foliage branches, leaves or flower bushes, artificial trees and grass for resort hotel design. Those artificial plants items are certified by authoritative organizations and agent, they are super realistic, eco-friendly, recyclable, fire retardant, and has no harmful materials. For those designer, SUNWING artificial plants are perfect for DIY design. If you are a designer or archetct working for resort hotel landscapes or gardening, you may give a try to artificial plants, especially artificial vertical garden.

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