The technologies, materials, and craftsmanship that goes into creating artificial plants is more advanced than ever before. Unlike the silk plants of decades past, or the cheaper varieties sold by mass retailers, artificial plants from SUNWING are incredibly lifelike and resist fading.

Artificial plants are often referred to as “silk plants”, which is a bit of a misnomer. Modern artificial-plants are actually created from a variety of synthetic fabrics and materials. These new fibers hold shape and color much better than silk and other natural materials.

Manufacturers create high-tech molds based on live plants into which the synthetic fibers are heat pressed. Each stem, leaf, and petal is created individually, and many of the aesthetic details are painted by hand. The result is an artificial plant that has amazing botanical accuracy in shape, color, and texture.

artificial plants wall

The top quality artificial plants from SUNWING are a great alternative to live plants. Live plants require a lot of maintenance – water, food, soil, sunlight, and humidity often need to be closely monitored for the plant to flourish. Some houseplants are poisonous to pets and can cause allergic reactions in people. Artificial plants are a cost-effective, allergy-free, low-maintenance way to bring exquisite natural beauty indoors, year round. To clean your artificial plants, simply dust occasionally, and use our artificial plant spray cleaner every three months. It has a special quick-dry formula that keeps silk and artificial plants looking fresh.

artificial plants application


What is more, artificial plants are perfect for gardening and landscaping design because of its wide categories. For different purpose, SUNWING artificial plants includes artificial hedges, artificial boxwood, artificial topiary, tree, artificial vertical garden, artificial hanging baskets, artificial wreaths and garland, Christmas Ornaments,etc., all those series products can be largely used for gardening, landscapes, interior or exterior design, space decoration.

Whether you are a gardener, landscaper, designer, architects, or rental company for events, SUNWING artificial plants are ready to serve you and your clients market with profession and excellent artificial plants products.

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