Fake outdoor plants have become one common decorative scenery in our life to bring instant nature beauty and convenience. There are many kinds of fake outdoor plants ranging from silk flower to big fake trees, not to mention the bamboo, those plants are very lifelike and welcomed by large popularity. Besides those commonly seen plants, we are to bring some new and very realistic fake outdoor plants for you to share,

Artificial boxwood series products are accurately made based on botanical structure of living boxwood for easier and quicker landscape and gardening. Like living boxwood plants that are featured for dense, evergreen foliage, artificial boxwood plants can also be planted in the residential and commercial square to create a formal hedge, a matching border, or to balance an entryway, so artificial boxwood plants have the same role in building beautiful landscape and gardening.

Artificial boxwood hedges-optional colors & types

  • Artificial Topiary.

Artificial topiary, crafted with high quality and excellent details, is perfect for brightening up any space in your home like living room, sunroom, foyers, indoor entrance way, patio setting, and other corporate buildings.

artificial-topiary-balls-trees-spiral trees


  • Artificial vertical garden.

Attached to an existing wall or freestanding, erected indoor or outdoor establishment, artificial vertical garden or green walls can transform unadorned walls into nice vertical gardens. For restaurants, hotels and resorts, artificial vertical garden can boost their brands and help build impressive business image.


Artificial hanging baskets are a very simple, easy, yet effective way to add instant natural accent or floral charm to our home and garden, even to those featured commercial places, it brings warm and nice first focal point impression with the added benefit of no watering or deadheading.

artificial hanging baskets,artificial flower arrangement


  • Artificial plants frame wall.

Art 3D artificial foliage,lush artificial living wall mounted on the wooden frame can perfectly harmonize modern decorating style, it brings elegant natural accent, nature vitality as well as a burst of floral charm to interior design.

Artificial plants frame wall


All these realistic fake outdoor plants are more and more popularly used for gardening, horticulture, landscape and design, especially very welcomed by people who live in drought region. If you are interested, all those realistic fake outdoor plants are available from SUNWING, to get free sample or full catalog, just send your email to sales@leaveshedges.com or leave your comment here.

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