Artificial garden screening is more and more popular in the landscape design and garden design industry, many designers are usding these ideas for their design. The following are some different application in different scenarios I would like to share with you.
1)Outdoor public place


In this scenarios, artificial hedge panel will be exposed to sunlight for a long time, so it needs to add UV protection, so that it can withstand high temperature, and there will be no color loss in long-term sunlight. The design is also simple and generous.


The landscape design for restaurants requires to match with its own decoration style, and the design needs to be novel to make it outstanding. It also can add a few bundles to increase stereo feeling more, so that it could attract attention more. With
artificial garden wall installed, the whole storefront becomes outstanding and attractive.


In this scenarios, artificial garden screening was used as accent wall to show company logo, it not only highlight the atmosphere, but also brings instant nature aesthetics. For any backdrop or feature wall, naked wall, ugly surface, artificial garden screening will provide a great idea.



For wedding backdrop, artificial garden screening is perfect, with it standing there, any forms of gifts or decorative accessories can also be hanging there. It can also be used as reception desk background.

5)Garden & Courtyard


For garden or courtyard, artificial plants wall with uv protection can go against strong sunlight, it provides a perfect privacy screening as well as visual pleasure deriving from ever green nature beauty .

6)Shopping mall


In the shopping mall, there always are some vacant areas that can be made full use of. With artificial garden plants covering the vacant floor together with some potted plants and hedges, that area was suddenly transformed into a garden full of beauty.
For shopping mall landscape, artificial garden screening ideas not only brings freshness, aesthetics of nature beauty which will attract more and more visitor, but also brings convenience as well as lower cost in maintenance because artificial garden needs no watering and few upkeep, in addition, it can keep the same nice condition through a whole year without fallen leaves or withering.

Landscape design is no longer limited in living plants, stones, sculpture, etc., more and more replacement are born and take the position of the tradition, artificial vertical garden screening ideas are along with this trend to help creates much more wonders within very short time.

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