As below showing is a subject hot pot restaurant. Named fulled garden of ChongQing Hot Pot. See its storefront design, very beautiful design, yes? Do you feel it can feast your eyes when you consumption in this restaurant? Yes!


And the following is an hotel, this customer want to make a artificial green wall to let his guest has a nature, green feeling when customers see its hotels storefront, this green wall with theme subject truly make it.


This Pizza shop, an artificial green wall can prevent the straight sunshine exposure and make the outside look very refreshing, guests will have fresh and cool feelings under hot sunshine when witness this Green shop.


This decoration of tea bar is perfect fit the theme of tea. It use a whole artificial green wall to deliver a green , brisk emotion,very nice.


Shopping mall is a modern and fashion place. While the decoration usually only using tiles. When its design is replaced by artificial green wall, just like above picture shows, are you amazed by the greenery sight that is full of life!


Named Happy Meadow, this shop use the artificial green wall to highlight the theme, the whole exterior look gives people fresh feelings, and make this business outstanding among many business.


In those three cases, artificial green wall storefront design is very impressive and matches well to the surroundings. For those stores or business shops whose design and style need frequent update along with the fashion, artificial green wall works perfectly, because of its zero upkeep, easy installation, super-realistic & very nice nature-like appearance.


And this is artificial green ball, it hang on the ceiling of the storefront, looks very cute and novel, this small but careful decoration brings much vitality there!

Compared with traditional storefront design that highlighted by advertising board, led light, neon light, some flowers or pot plants, artificial green wall and artificial plants brings much more convenience and freedom in design, and green wall also saves much cost in labors and building materials purchase For example, artificial green wall with targeted theme design can be used to cover the whole storefront to show the stores theme or spirit, and the stores logo can also be designed by artificial green wall panels, DIY design is very easy to realize. What is more, the completed design project is very easy to install or be removed from any forms of the storefront surface, all those jobs can be finished perfectly by one person, only one person is enough while extra cost in personnel will be much much higher when the business owner want to remove the old design, the old building materials will also be discarded,this will cause much waste. In all, artificial green wall and artificial plants bring good news to storefront design and even for the whole business design.

At modern society, artificial green wall becomes more and more popular according to its outstanding features such as environmental protection, free to care, and beautiful appearance. For storefront design, artificial green wall brings creativity, convenience and flexibility. Try artificial green wall for your next project and see what your clients will say.

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