More and more corners are showing up with artificial plants, no matter private and public places. This trend depends on the superiority of the artificial plants and people’s sense of identity.

Artificial plants are easy to take care of and have abundant selection.

The beauty of a flower cannot resist its frailty. Artificial flowers market appears because of the demand of decorative flowers. There’s no doubt that these artificial plants don’t take much time to care for. There are richer choices in species than real plants. These artificial plants offer designers much room to exercise their talent in artificial arrangement.

Artificial plants become popular because they take the fancy of people for decoration.

People are no longer content to live in a monotonous house because of Improvement of living standards. The colorful artificial plants make customers have more ideas in artificial arrangement. With the decoration, the table, the TV cabinet, the wall and other corners will all change dramatically——becoming interesting and warm.

To help you create your own botanical haven, Here is an introduction of three types of artificial plants which are convenient to design and arrange.

Lifelike in shape and bright in color, this is the charm of artificial flowers. They are beautiful but not distracting. You can arrange different varieties and color to achieve the best decorative effect. It looks harmonious to put artificial flowers on the table or beside the television.

Artificial hanging basket is a combination of flowers and leaves. Natural color matching makes it look fresh. If it is hanging on the wall, it will become a beautiful landscape. Besides, placing it on the balcony is also a wonderful choice.

There are more abundant types of artificial foliage. The small ones can be inserted in a vase or cooperate with artificial flowers and artificial hedges. Long styles like the one in the picture are able to decorate the boring pillars and walls.

It is no longer difficult to have the special artificial arrangement with such various artificial plants. This is really a good news for DIY enthusiasts.

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