The artificial vertical garden comes in many sizes and shapes. Some vertical gardens are designed to hang on a wall like living art, while others are freestanding gardens that feature rows of growing shelves stacked on top of each other. Making the environment a sense of 3-D vertical format.

Vertical gardens are the current decorative trend.

Vertical gardens are suitable for spaces of all sizes and are a way of approaching nature. By bringing green to your home, it becomes more fulfilling and fresh.

Also, the look of the vertical garden is incredible, which is always a good reason to bet on something new in decoration.

Besides the above strengths, the vertical garden has two different and special features:

1. Installing Vertical Gardens is easy:

Most vertical walls are easy to install, simply by tightening or attaching the hedge or greenery to the wall.

Detailed procedures for your reference:

l Measure the wall to confirm the hedge mats quantity needed in the installation;

Snap and lock the hedge mats for easy installation.

l Measure to define the fixed point suggested 40-45cm between the nails, push the fixed points with the electric drill and put the expansion drill in the hole.

l Fix the hedge mats as the required size.

l Vertical garden finished!

2. Vertical Gardens require little maintenance:

The beauty of having a vertical garden over a living wall is its low maintenance. In fact, it’s so close to not needing any help, that we often refer to the range as zero maintenance.

Your artificial greenery will not need sunlight, soil, fertilizer or even trimming. Regular care will be a thing of the past. Of course, you can always add a living feature to your vertical wall, which may mean this changes your routine. The option is yours to make and depends on what you need or prefer.

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